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Space Laminated Feeding Bib

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The perfect bib for babies that like to pull their bib off when eating. Our laminated feeding bib features a cotton tie at the top and loops to put their arms through.

Choose from our apron style, it will protect their whole body from any mess, let them move around freely (walking back and forth from the table) and can also be used for art and crafts; or our classic button back style, covering their body and easy to use.

They fold up easily to be packed away in their bag for daycare. No stains just wipe them and they're ready! 

We like to choose designs that you can talk to your little one about - name the colours, animal or object!

 This piece is part of our hand made in Australia collection. Each piece in our Australian hand made collection may be a little unique - our standard and quality are high and each tiny difference in character is just the beauty of craft.

Baby Feed Bib Easy Clean
Space Laminated Feeding Bib Sale price€10,95 EUR